Local media channel (ARY) made me proud to be a Pakistani

Finally; someone has enough guts to talk about aam admi; a vision to look beyond fake promises. For the first time our local media channel (ARY) made me proud to be a Pakistani; and made me realize the true potential of aam admi. I am AAM ADMI and I think if we join our hands no traitor media entity can stop us from becoming a change.

Yes. I mean GEO TV when I say a traitor media group. People might think I’m being emo but for me there is a line between freedom of speech and falsely accusing a national security institution. And no matter how big or small you are; this line shouldn’t be crossed. Such; or any other organization should be banned which can not differentiate between freedom of speech and insulting the national security agency in front of international media. And rather than doing cheap gimmickry for ratings; initiatives like AAM ADMI should be taken so we can achieve a positive results.

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wel done

Muhammda Hunayn Tariq

ARY Has Done a Great Job By Providing Platform To The People Of Pakistan To Share Their Views and Ideas To Rebuild Pakistan.

Rafhan Afzal

Tube wells run in our villages for a substantial amount of time with the help of engines or electricity. Falling water from the tube well has a lot of power, which can be utilized in a number of ways to spin a turbine or wheel for powering generator, which can supply electricity to the locals. The whole mechanism has no extra constrain on the engine or fuel. It would be utilizing energy being wasted.
Keep up the good work Ary. You are doing good.

Ahsan Ali Khaskheli

Now this is something that I can say a commemorative initiative. AAM AADMI initiative, for me, is an amicable platform for those who believe in "serving for others" concept; I would love to be the part of this program as I am also one of them.

I want to know how can I let the ARY team know about my ideas? I want to work for individuals I know, can ARY help me in bringing change in their lives?

kashif Anwar

a great work from ARY


but one thing is for sure; pointing out disabilities and bad things from each other's works in front of the whole world is not a proud act!! you should be guilty! I mean, having a war among your own country(by protesting to shut geo-one of your own country's media channel) and trying to be good in ''aam admi's'' vision, this isn't an act of pride at all. Grow up, first try to love your country, then do something for it!!
however, this ''aam admi'' act is a good thought!! no doubt!


A great job by ARY, but few things to be noted;

1-  There is no provision of SO CALLED JUMOHRIAT  in islam,as we can see the past of islam since last 1300 years, all the 4 AMER UL MOMANIN was selected not elected . Even if our last SHEHNSHAH Bahadur shah Zafar was also selected.

2-   We can easily judge from the era of Ayub Khan, General Zia, and Musharaf that a common man was at its ease and passing a smooth life, instead of our so called political leaders who were in miserable conditions because there earnings were stopped and they were nothing to do. The rag of Jumuhriat is allap by only and only by the so called Leaders.

3- As you can see that since last five years of PPP how much allegation of corruption is on the leaders of PPP were impose ( LIKE RAJA RENTAL).

4- These Political parties are called themselves a great ALAMBURDAR OF JUMOHRIAT   but since last nearly 07 years lapsed, have they conducted the local body elections ?.

5- The only salution to make this country a GREAT NATION is SINGLE MAN RULE weather in shape of KHALIF, KING or any other name.


thanks,,,finally Pakistanis even got a strong reliable platform to raise our voice and to share our deepest love for our beloved country the great Pakistan.i can trust on ARY and Aqrar ul Hassan.Good Luck

Kausar Bilal

I am glad to find a platform to voice myself regarding my ideas and dreams to build Pakistan. A couple of days ago, I have submitted my ideas to this portal. Now, I am curious to know that when will I get the response from ARY. And, what kind of response it will be?

Ejaz Akbar

PAKISTAN Lovers, Friends, Brothers & Sisters, AssalamoAlaikum,
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I have 8 mega beneficial food, electricity and water projects for Pakistan but the only thing I need from you is the resources, financial aid to work on my projects to develop Pakistan as a green land on earth, a wealthy nation and a peaceful country in the world by introducing constructive, beneficial inventions, projects and peace making efforts.
My projects can make our nation and country wealthy, happy + self dependent in food, electricity and drinking water in all over PAKISTAN, do you support me?
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My inventions are for all human being facilitation.
We need moral and financial support from Government
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Ejaz Akbar
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Abrar Alam

I am very sad, because the 7 Billion mankind reached to Moon, made Atom Bombs, modern weapons and technologies and researched about Millions things in all field, but still this time they couldn't agree with one God who created this universe while they all say GOD is one according to all religious books but there are many concepts of GODS at a time in world which is reason for wars and destruction of mankind since centuries. So, I am striving to make them agree with one God who is true surely. Is there any one who can with me for above purpose?

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