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Sorry but I always been under the impression that this country belong to elite class. People who are sucking the blood out of everything they can lay their hands on; and honestly they have really big hands and they can grab pretty much everything. And the worst thing is they are just filling up their accounts. But; I just got to know about ARY campaign about AAM ADMI; which I personally think can bring a change. And for first time there is a practical approach towards betterment.


I do have couple of ideas which I like to share and with a proper platform I think we can achieve a significant change at micro level.  I’m glad to be on board and I hope people behind this campaign are really serious to deliver what they are claiming too. I’ve got my fingers crossed.


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Amna Arif

I am of 16 yrs old student... I want to contribute my share in the progress of Pakistan by my ideas.. I have also written book on Pakistan but unfortunately was not able to publish it because of hot having any reasonable resources.. Actually I want to join the media field in this age to make the good change.. I really need your help in this regard.. I hope good that your network will support me.. thanking you.. Amna Arif

Warda Bhalli

hey if realy then doing a wonderful job n i too want to work i want to do something that can be able to transmit food to Rajistan Pakistan for the people suffering from femine

Mohsin Babar

                                              “My Liberty”
    I just can’t take it anymore! Simply can’t do it. I am not an individual who is willing to take any conduit regardless of it being contaminated with voracity and dissipations. So, from now and onwards, I am no longer a part of a herd, which is constantly adherent to the gluttonous, egotistical so called, “Supernatural Aristocrats”.  However, I understand the consequences of this dilemma or shall I say liberty. Yet, my conscience is apparent and I am a strong believer of “Karma”. I am not against any entity, except only after the ridiculous conception of controlling the intellects and spirits of my beloved People. I don’t have the characteristics of a “Shaheen” yet. Though, it’s never too late to alter my perspective on life, at least until my eyes are shut for good. I may be a lost goon for the longest time, but have finally acquired what my heart derives for. It seems the purpose of my being has finally been revealed to me, because never have I felt this liberated before. I no longer want to take part with anyone and or any group, who will distract me from my love and affection for the Creations of my beloved Creator. I will speak nothing but the truth and never compromise on my ideologies and principles, which whom will only revolve around the boundaries, set by my Beloved God. He and only He knows my intentions and He and only He will judge me when the time comes. I do not any longer desire to live a meaningless and or a materialistic life. “People who have no control over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. If thought is immature, liberty of thought becomes a method of converting men into animals.” My past was at fault, my future is for my Beloved and my present is to help conserve His beings. Since, God has entitled us humans with “Ashraful Makhluqat”, then why should I take part with those who victimize the “free will”.  It is the only characteristic which makes us humans “The Greatest Creation of all.” So, I hereby, “Declare to emancipate the Intellect and essence of the People of Pakistan.” May God be my witness and a guide to the path I have chosen!
“Ya Rab”! Please blossom the flowers of humbleness and integrity in my heart, and help me support those, who agonizes the autonomy from the “Reeves” of this “Pure-land” of mine.    
“Occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” Though, the tree I want to preserve hasn’t been watered in more than 70 years. Thus, if it requires my blood to nurture, so be it.    

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