What is AAP?

To take our nation one step forward we are starting a countrywide campaign which with be executed through our channels and on ground. There is only one thing missing in this great nation and that is the belief of their own potential. For decades this nation has been robbed by corrupt leaders and the common man (AAM ADMI) has been put on the back seat of affairs and has been made to believe that he cannot do anything but live with his current state.

But this lingering state of affairs is not going to remain the same anymore. This is because a new Pakistan has evolved. A Pakistan comprised of AAM ADMIs like you who are reading our message. An AAM ADMI who does not want to be suppressed anymore. An AAM ADMI who wants to standup for his rights. An AAM ADMI who believes in his own people and his own resources. An AAM ADMI who believes that only his actions can bring about a change and he is not going to wait for any governments, superiors, heroes, elders or any assistance from the outside world to start the process of positive change.     

So this is AAM ADMI KA PAKISTAN (AAP) and ARY is going to be with you in this change from start till end.

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Well done ARY


aap log bhot acha kaam krrhe hain or INSHAALLAH hm Pakistan ko ek taraqi yafta mulk bnaenge mere b bhot se aims hain Pakistan k liye or un me se ek women's literacy rate ko barhana or pakistan k talent ko saamne laana but me bhot chhoti hun Pakistan k liye kuch b krne k liye INSHAALLAH jb me khud kuch bnjaungi to Pakistan ko b kuch nayi pehchan dungiSmile.BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR MISSION ARY

Mohsin Babar

                                  “My Liberty”

  I just can’t take it anymore! Simply can’t do it. I am not an individual who is willing to take any conduit regardless of it being contaminated with voracity and dissipations. So, from now and onwards, I am no longer a part of a herd, which is constantly adherent to the gluttonous, egotistical so called, “Supernatural Aristocrats”.  However, I understand the consequences of this dilemma or shall I say liberty. Yet, my conscience is apparent and I am a strong believer of “Karma”. I am not against any entity, except only after the ridiculous conception of controlling the intellects and spirits of my beloved People. I don’t have the characteristics of a “Shaheen” yet. Though, it’s never too late to alter my perspective on life, at least until my eyes are shut for good. I may be a lost goon for the longest time, but have finally acquired what my heart derives for. It seems the purpose of my being has finally been revealed to me, because never have I felt this liberated before. I no longer want to take part with anyone and or any group, who will distract me from my love and affection for the Creations of my beloved Creator. I will speak nothing but the truth and never compromise on my ideologies and principles, which whom will only revolve around the boundaries, set by my Beloved God. He and only He knows my intentions and He and only He will judge me when the time comes. I do not any longer desire to live a meaningless and or a materialistic life. “People who have no control over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. If thought is immature, liberty of thought becomes a method of converting men into animals.” My past was at fault, my future is for my Beloved and my present is to help conserve His beings. Since, God has entitled us humans with “Ashraful Makhluqat”, then why should I take part with those who victimize the “free will”.  It is the only characteristic which makes us humans “The Greatest Creation of all.” So, I hereby, “Declare to emancipate the Intellect and essence of the People of Pakistan.” May God be my witness and a guide to the path I have chosen!
“Ya Rab”! Please blossom the flowers of humbleness and integrity in my heart, and help me support those, who agonizes the autonomy from the “Reeves” of this “Pure-land” of mine.    
“Occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” Though, the tree I want to preserve hasn’t been watered in more than 70 years. Thus, if it requires my blood to nurture, so be it.    

kashif Anwar

we will with you and we want to do some thing for our Pakistan so we will behind you.


If you people really want to work for Pakistan, then build this nation a better one, lets prepare and form some proper work to Highlight some issues, which are being faced by poor nation, Lets get together and Investigate the Hierarchy of Govt hospital, parks, and where ever you have access and think there is a mismanagement, file a complaint and address issues. Make an office in very area of city and there should be a logged in complaint where people can easily have access to.
     This will become a regulatory body which will be easily accessible to the local body, away from running and finding a proper complaint office, there should be a gathering of addressing issue, infact running to a police station and filing a legal complaint.

Usama Zahid

I am Usama Zahid from Lahore.I want to help poor people and i have an idea so how can i publish it?


It is heartening to note such patriotic sentiments and one can only hope that such selfless people [like Mohsin Babar] can become the rulers of tomorrow.  Having been in a number of countries like Singapore, MAlaysia, UAE, Europe, one wishes that if our countries were similar, as far as the law and order situation is concerned, we would never leave our beloved country.  We would never be forced to live  in our old age with our immigrant children!
I have some constructive ideas and projects in mind.  Where should I submit them?  

Naveed Ahmed

Hi dear friends and my fellows.
I had great determination to promote information technology from gross root level. I started to work out on this project way back in 2010 but no one heard my voice in KPK. Basically this program is intended for young boys and girls studying at level 6 to 12 in Govt schools.

Here I would like to mention few devastating facts and figures of education system of KPK. Less that 2% schools have IT labs and qualified teachers in the province. Currently there are 345 Higher Secondary Schools, each one of them is serving 800 more students at very crucial stage of their lives.

As Provincial or central Govt has no interest in promoting IT education which is evident from steps taken in last 20 years. I feel, I can give a best feasible plan at a really affordable cost.

I proposed establishment of 303 Labs in these schools with sufficient IT equipment, technology, Govt approved syllabus and qualified professional staff. As a result, 210,796* students will have direct access to IT education because of my project. This project will produce 18,535 students at intermediate level.

Giving IT education doesn't mean that we will produce computer operators and IT professionals only, this project will give us IT literate professionals for each and every professional field. Every student graduating from these schools will join his/her respective field dually equipped with awareness of modern technologies.

We'll only assist Govt for 5 years, what will happen after that?

The project is designed in such a wonderful way that at there will be smooth transition of this project to normal life in education sector. I mean, in 5 years we'll run the setup, train teachers and staff, and give fully functional system to education department of KPK. We'll hand over complete charge with their own qualified staff by the end of the project.

I visited and presented this project proposal to current and previous education department officials. Track record and complete data is available in the office of Secretary Elementary and Secondary Education KPK.

May Allah give us courage to support the truth.


Faizan Ahmed

I am working in oil and Gas industry since 1990 in UK. Mainly Offshore Industry. I can give good profile and resources of oil and gas industry Oil and Gas offshore and explorations and sourcing out resources of offshore OIL and Gas exploration services and contractors and training and Education in UK and Norway with cutting edge technologies to explore offshore and on shore Explorations and production. In Pakistan Allah has gifted Pakistan's Province Baluchistan and upper North Sindh with Shale oil and Gas reserves trillions of cubic  Gases and trillions of barrels of oil reserve according to American magazine World Drilling.
Pakistan Government should approach oil Majors ans World class Operators and use Pakistani talents to educate young people to educate in this specialized field operations and benefit the ordinary people of Pakistan to whom the Pakistan belongs to.
I can assist in this Field training, education guide line information.


Naveed Ahmed


I had posted my comments yesterday, I cannot find that comment on website? why has it been erased? Hope everyone will support my vision.


Congrats for giving chance to say something. if we encourage to cultivate vegatables in houses that may solve atleast one problem. so pl ask everybody to put seeds in small areas small places everywhere and everycorner of the lanes/insidethehouses so that the shortage and highprices of vegatables can control. not possible all vegatables but selected and daily use vegatables atleast. GHAR KE ROZ KE SABZI AGAR GHAR MAIN HE MAUJOOD HO TO??? ""Har Ghar Sabzi Ugaoo"

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