Local media channel (ARY) made me proud to be a Pakistani

Finally; someone has enough guts to talk about aam admi; a vision to look beyond fake promises. For the first time our local media channel (ARY) made me proud to be a Pakistani; and made me realize the true potential of aam admi. I am AAM ADMI and I think if we join our hands no traitor media entity can stop us from becoming a change.

Yes. I mean GEO TV when I say a traitor media group. People might think I’m being emo but for me there is a line between freedom of speech and falsely accusing a national security institution. And no matter how big or small you are; this line shouldn’t be crossed. Such; or any other organization should be banned which can not differentiate between freedom of speech and insulting the national security agency in front of international media. And rather than doing cheap gimmickry for ratings; initiatives like AAM ADMI should be taken so we can achieve a positive results.


AAM ADMI ka Pakistan


Sorry but I always been under the impression that this country belong to elite class. People who are sucking the blood out of everything they can lay their hands on; and honestly they have really big hands and they can grab pretty much everything. And the worst thing is they are just filling up their accounts. But; I just got to know about ARY campaign about AAM ADMI; which I personally think can bring a change. And for first time there is a practical approach towards betterment.


I do have couple of ideas which I like to share and with a proper platform I think we can achieve a significant change at micro level.  I’m glad to be on board and I hope people behind this campaign are really serious to deliver what they are claiming too. I’ve got my fingers crossed.



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